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Alert Skateboards


About Alert

We are a high-quality skate/sports company trying our hardest to help you have the best skating experience.

We want to make sure you will look fashionable and trendy on the deck!

Feel free to let us know how our products are and if you like it to recommend it to a friend!.



Coming Soon


Alert skateboards come out with new tee-shirt designs every week, make sure to enter your email and sign up now so you never miss a drop. our Instagram has pictures of new items in our shop

Our products

Our products are 100% cotton and comfortable for skating. all products are shipped carefully and with updates sent to you if you are signed up for our website newsletter. We will ensure you know where your package is at all times. Our products are great for sports and trendy outfits too!. Sign up now



email - alertskateboardscanada@gmail.com

Instagram - alertskate

Business Phone - 4379914118

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