At the current moment with our shipping situation, we are not allowed to send out refunds. although if there is a problem with the product contact our business email for help, and we will happily be inclined to reach out to printful and deal with the situation there. if there is any problem with the shipment we cannot provide help, unless if the shipment hasn't shipped by printful then we could contact Wix support and prinful's support to help the order reach you.


We currently do not have to sell any of our products in wholesale due too lack of product.


Any personal information you type aka addresses, full names, debit/credit cards, are not stored anywhere and are deleted within 24 hours of purchase. site protection is a high priority for our and your safety. if you ever get asked to download something on to your mobile/non-mobile device claiming it is us it is not and whatever damage is done to your device we don't hold accountable for.